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Sound Environment Practices

El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, AZUL Hotels & Generations Resorts by Karisma go far beyond their commitment to service and to creating an unforgettable vacation experience. As pioneers in the going green trend, these properties are practicing sustainable tourism through environmentally friendly technology and education in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

All Riviera Maya properties GOLD LEED Certified

A 100,00 sq ft Greenhouse at El Dorado Royale that produces 40,000 lbs of fresh herbs, veggies & fruit
Hydro jets installed in all toilets to reduce the amount of water used
Water treatment process to reuse all water for gardens
Solar panels heating 40-100% of the water at each resort
Ozone laundry system, eliminating harmful chemicals
LED lightbulbs throughout the properties
Extensive efforts to insure garbage is separated and recycled properly
All air conditioners use Ecofreeze which saves approximately 30% electricity 

We're going green!
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